Bring easy nutrition to your patients and clients

With VitaMist Spray Vitamins!



Your patients will love the ease of taking our spray vitamins.  They are an easy way to take and maintain your vitamins.  We have products ranging from B12, to Vitamin D and more.



Offer the right vitamin and mineral packages to your spa customers, custom select what your clientele needs.

Health and Fitness clubs


Why stop with just exercise?  Offer a full range of vitamin and mineral supplements in a form that is easy to take while exercising or on the go.

Spray Vitamins

In business for 30 years, we have a product that is great for your patients and clients.  Liquid spray form vitamins, easy to take and easy to swallow.

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“We are dedicated to being the purest and most natural nutrition that money can buy, plus we are always striving for the greatest tasting products.  VitaMist gives value that no other company can come close to.”

Sari Deihl

Founder & CEO, VitaMist, Ltd.

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