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If you have a website, you can use it to promote our product. You can promote us with search engines, postings in internet forums, or by simply sending an email to all your friends and people you know, attaching your affiliate referral link to our product. (Make sure that you follow good business practices with your emails).

All you need to do is send a visitor to our site via a special link (called an "affiliate link"), and if he or she buys anything from us, you will get paid for every purchase they make as long as you are active in using our program.

VitaMist gives you the ability to customize your advertising methods by promoting your own store on your own domain or linking to our site.

We will never sell your email address to any 3rd party. Promise.

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Earning money with us is easy!

We do the work, you earn the money
We have conversion rates ranging from 1:50 to 1:100 for web based traffic depending on the promotion or season, which means that up to one in every 50 targeted vistor buys something from us.

We do everything
From hosting the products to handing customer inquiries.  You get paid for simply referring a customer to us.  Plus, that customers future orders are attached to you, from here on out.

Multiple levels of payout
It doesn't matter how the orders are placed, phone, letter, fax or email you get credit for the sale and earn commission.  And if any of your referrals sign up, we will pay you for their referrals retail sales too.

VitaMist offers a 36% payout on retail orders of products that are placed through your affiliate link, or by referral from you. We do more. We track sales and commissions on all phone, newsletter and mail orders. We also provide something that most affiliate programs have never heard of - we pay you for residual orders. Residual orders are repeat retail orders placed by a person who originally came to us through your affiliate link.

It doesn't matter how these orders are placed -- by phone, letter, fax or email -- you will get credit for every product sale and receive your commission. But we don't stop there -- Let's say someone who originally came to us through your website then sets up their own affiliate program with their own web site -- we will pay you another 18% on any retail sales that come through this website. (Based on "after affiliate payout").


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Any earnings or income projections given are not necessarily representative of the income, if any, that you may earn through participating in the VitaMist business plan. These figures should not be considered as guarantees or examples of your actual earnings or profits. Your success with the VitaMist business plan depends entirely on your successful sales efforts, which require time, participation, hard work, the ability to lead others and your personal abilities.

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